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Module 2xLED 150 degree Blue Mini

Module 2xLED 150 degree Blue Mini

GOQ SAMSUNG 2xLED 150 deg. Blue Mini - is based on 5252 SMD LED diodes, and can be used to illuminate modular letters or small and medium ceiling coffers.

GOQ Modules, due to their wide lighting angle, make it possible to reduce the number of modules used and ensure the excellent illumination of a given design surface. 

The products of the GOQ make are suitable to work even in the most unfavourable weather conditions. The GOQ modules, with anti-static, shock- and waterproof (IP68) characteristics, are manufactured from quality materials. 

  • The technical specifications of the product: 
  • max. number of modules in a chain: 50 pcs
  • two ultra-bright SMD LEDs in every single module,
  • total power consumption: less than 80% of the rated power of the power pack,
  • double-sided adhesive tape to facilitate installation,
  • reliable connection of modules: parallel galvanic (soldered),
  • special casing for the module which protects the electronic parts from mechanical damage





Operating voltage


DC 12V


Power consumption


40 mA




0,48 W


View angle 


150 '


Luminous intensity

6 lm

13 lm

5 lm

Operating temperature 


-30 - 85 C






Module size 


30 x 11,5 x 7,4 mm


LED type 


5252 SMD Samsung


Cable length


100 mm




3,8 g


The exact characteristics of the product is shown in the data sheet. PDF download below. 

Made in KOREA.


The data refer to a single module. Tolerance range for optical and electrical 10% Exceeding the voltage leads to an overload of the module, and consequently may be shortening of life, reduction of luminance, and even the destruction of the entire chain of modules. Exceeding the operating and storage temperature will reduce expected lifetime, luminance modules and can damage the product.

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